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TWIZ5200 : W5200 Ethernet PICtail™ (Plus) Board

- You can purchase TWIZW5200 board at the MicrochipDIRECT .


WIZnet’s W5200 Ethernet PICtail™ (Plus) board provides 10/100Mbps, half/full duplex Ethernet connectivity by onboard WIZnet W5200 Ethernet controller, which has hardwired TCP/IP processing engine.

The board has both PICtail™ headers and PICtail™ Plus side-edge connectors designed to be plugged into the Explorer 16 (DM240001), PIC32 I/O Expansion Board (DM320002), PICDEM.net 2 (DM163024), PIC18 Explorer (DM183032), and other supported development boards.

The board has fast SPI interface, 2K EEPROM with EUI-48™ Node Identity (MAC address) and RJ-45 connector. It also provides Auto-negotiation, Auto-MDI/MDIX, Power-Down Mode and Wake-on-LAN functionalities.

WIZnet’s W5200 Ethernet PICtail™ (Plus) board supports both Microchip software TCP/IP Stack and WIZnet hardwired TCP/IP Stack simultaneously on PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 platforms. The Hardwired TCP/IP Stack especially fits well for Simple Internet connectivity for PICs with small program memory size like PIC16.


* WIZnet W5200 Fast SPI Ethernet controller with Hardwired TCP/IP stack
* Magnetic RJ-45 Connector
* Microchip 2K SPI Bus Serial EEPROM with EUI-48™ Node Identity
* Supports Auto-negotiation, Auto-MDIX, 10Base-T/100Base-TX
* PICtail™ and PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board connection interface
* Compatible with many boards with PICtail™ and PICtail™ Plus interfaces, including Explorer 16 Development Board, various   PICDEM™ boards.

WIZnet is proud to introduce a mass production version of W5200 Ethernet PICtail Board, WIZ820io.
The WIZ820io has W5200, RJ45 and a couple of pin header(1x6) with 2.54mm pitch.
After successful development with W5200 Ethernet PICtail Board, you can use WIZ820io as module, or use W5200 component on your board.









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